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Accept the project, even if your client sent you a questionnaire, the logic of which your employee does not understand.



The system allows you to conduct any survey, and it especially excels in mass telephone surveys using an automated dialer.



The same questionnaire can be used to conduct a web survey, telephone interview, or field survey, using tablets without a permanent Internet connection.

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Create questionnaires of any complexity

You can create questionnaires with absolutely any complexity of transitions, as well as conditions for displaying questions. You can use not only simple methods to implement logic, but also programming using scripts.

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Conduct any types of projects with one questionnaire

You can conduct any types of projects (CATI, CAWI, CAPI, etc.) using the same questionnaire. Do you want to collect part of the interviews using a telephone survey, and the rest using personal interviews on tablets? No problem! Just create two different projects and choose the same questionnaire for them.

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Advanced tools for counting interviews

You can create any number of counters and quotas in the project by setting arbitrary conditions for counting collected interviews. Depending on your goals, you can use both a simple editor and an advanced one with a tree view of the counters and the ability to distribute quota assignment for your operators and/or contractors.

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DEX auto dialer system

Full integration with telephony is available for telephone surveys, including an embedded automated outbound DEX dialing system. Your operators will not have to manually dial respondents' numbers - the whole dialing process is automatic. Using predictive and progressive dialing functions will reduce waiting time for the next call to a minimum.

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Tablet interviews without Internet connection

You get a free Android application for tablets and phones, that lets you use all the functionality of SURVEYSTUDIO, including scripts and quotas, without requiring a connection to the Internet. Our application can record sound, coordinates (including address lookup), attach files to answers, and much more. All collected interviews will appear in the project in the same way as when conducting telephone or web surveys.

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Prices for our services

We do not have fixed plans with different sets of services. You always get what you need.
Data collection

From 0.01 to 0.14 RUB for a significant answer of any type, but no more than 7.50 RUB for the entire interview for one respondent

DEX auto dialer system

From 15 to 80 RUB per day for one operator using the system

Questionnaire programming

From 2400 RUB for a questionnaire

Telephony technical support

2400 RUB for 1 hour of work of our specialist


0.14 RUB for each answered question (0.07 RUB if interview contains not more than 5 answered questions), but no more than 7.50 RUB for the entire interview for one respondent, even if it has 800 answered questions. If the question was answered automatically, without being shown to the respondent (for example, using scripts or actions that implement the questionnaire logic), then such an answer will cost only 0.01 RUB.

You are only charged for each non-empty answered question (the type of question is not important in this case). If a question was not shown to a respondent or was answered automatically, then it will not be subject to payment. Informational questions (which do not imply an answer, but are only read out to the respondent) - free.

The ability to record sound during an interview, save coordinates/addresses, and the ability to attach files (images/documents) to an answer - free.

Further processing of the data collected in the system, including exporting of SPSS/Excel arrays - also free.

Example project cost calculation:

500 full interviews must be collected, consisting of 20 questions with significant answers, each of which must be asked (shown to a respondent). At the same time, another 5,000 short interviews have been collected (with 3 answered questions each), which include refusals or cases when a respondent did not pass the screening questions. Total: (500 * 20 * 0.14) + (5000 * 3 * 0.07) = 2450 RUB.

Note: all prices are indicated without VAT (based on the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

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Each active connection of one operator to the auto dialer system costs 80 RUB per day, for that price you also get a full-fledged telephone exchange with a dedicated IP-address, recording of all conversations with unlimited data storage (records are stored for 1 year), as well as full technical support of the entire system by our specialists.

Our service provides an opportunity to reduce the cost from 80 RUB per day to 15 RUB. The only requirement is that you have to pay for a permanent connection for the required number of workplaces. One permanent connection costs 18,000 RUB. The terms of use are not limited, i.e. having paid once for some permanent connections - you will always pay 15 RUB per day for each.

The provided solution allows you to make calls both through the DEX auto dialer system and directly in manual mode. An active manual outgoing call also takes one paid connection, but only for the duration of the dial up and conversation.

You can choose any VoIP telephony provider for making calls. Better even two, so that you have a spare one in case of technical problems. We do not add any commissions to the cost of calls - all telephone traffic is paid directly to the provider.

Note: all prices are indicated without VAT (based on the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

Full list of current prices

Our goal is to teach our clients how to program questionnaires using the efforts of their own employees. We provide consultations on any issues related to both the programming of questionnaires and working with the service in general, absolutely for free. You can send questions to

However, if you do not have the opportunity to program questionnaires on your own, we are ready to take over the development of your questionnaires. Send your questionnaire to, and our specialists will estimate the development time and cost.

The approximate time for developing a questionnaire is from 1 to 3 working days, depending on the complexity, as well as on the workload of our specialists. It usually takes up to 2 hours of work to develop a simple questionnaire. If the questionnaire is more or less complicated, then up to 4 hours. In rare cases, more. The cost of an hour of work of a programmer is 2400 RUB. Thus, in most cases, you can expect your costs for the programming of a questionnaire to be from 2400 to 9600 RUB.

Note: all prices are indicated without VAT (based on the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

Full list of current prices

In most cases, we suggest using telephony and dial-up automation systems located on our equipment, with full technical support from our specialists. However, if it is more convenient for you to work on your own servers, and you do not have specialists with the necessary qualifications, you can use our services.

You can contact us any time you have questions. The cost of an hour of work of our specialist to troubleshoot your equipment is 2400 RUB. Before starting work, we will estimate the time it will take to solve the problem, and we will coordinate the calculated cost with you.

We provide support for telephony systems based on IP PBX Asterisk, running on Linux operating systems. For our specialists to connect, it is necessary to provide remote access via SSH with system administrator rights.

Note: all prices are indicated without VAT (based on the Tax Code of the Russian Federation).

Full list of current prices

I want to say a big thank you to the SURVEY STUDIO team for quick, high-quality work, and responsive customer service. We have already carried out several collaborative projects, and we hope to continue our cooperation.

Andrey Ermolaev
Research Director Human Nature

We have been cooperating with the SURVEY STUDIO team for over 5 years. The survey conducting service and the DEX auto dialer program, which we constantly use, have significantly improved the productivity of our call center. During the time that we worked together, only the best impression was made. Their team of professionals always responds quickly to our requests and questions, takes into account all of our wishes, gives advice. We often use their questionnaire programming service. They can solve any problem, and we are always left satisfied.

Julia Boyko
Call Center Manager, company CATI Call center

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